Diese Story wurde von den Drachental-Besuchern
zur besten englischen Fantasy-Story 2001 im Drachental gewählt!

Blazestorm von Peter Lässig
Author’s note: 

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity between my characters and any living or dead people (humans and dragons) is only coincidental and unintentional. The same goes for the names and locations used in this story.

Some parts of my story are inspired by:

Wolfgang Hohlbein „Das Druidentor" (novel)
Anne McCaffrey „The Greatest Love„ (short story)
Rogue: „Havok„ (story)
Eric Henson: „The Life of Slither" (logfile)
Michael Lortz: „Repnulticna" (some e-mails)
Mike Oldfield: „Five Miles out" (song)
„Independence Day" (movie)
„Stargate" (movie)
„The X-Files" (TV-serial)
the EGYPT AIR – aircrash in autumn 1999; 
several e-mails and letters by my friends

Special thanks to Manuela Knunbauer for permanent love and inspiration, all my draconic friends (you know, who you are!) for ideas and especially to Peter C. „Sparrowhawk" for correction works on my story.

Any comments are highly appreciated.



It was a sunny day in May. The ancient Europe was ruled by Rome, but not the Roman Empire as it has been many hundred years ago, but it was ruled by the Pope of Rome. At least, so the reality looked like. During those dark ages of the inquisition, the Catholic Church was the only ruler and many innocent people had to die because they were accused to be witches or to believe in the "wrong" God...

Somewhere in the Swiss mountains, two shadows glided over large forests and deep blue lakes. Although the air was fresh and cool, signs of spring could be seen everywhere. One shadow was a little bit larger than the other one.  The smaller one belonged to a beautiful dragoness. She had scales which were blacker than the darkest night, her eyes were like liquid gold. She was called Starbolt. 
Her mate was an impressive male of deep green down his back, head and legs.Muddy yellow scales ran down Blazestorm's neck, the inside of his arms and legs, his belly and the underside of his tail.
"I am tired, my love", the female complained and lowered her speed, "I need a little bit of rest and something to fill my stomach. You know, I must eat for four, now. Her mate flew under her belly and gave her a soft lick. "I know, my dear. There's a clearing ahead. Let's go down there". So they were settling down in the clearing of the untouched forest for the night. Blazestorm spent the days hunting for her, as she was too egg-laden to go hunting by herself.

After she drifted off to sleep, he left her to find something to eat. A roe, a deer or maybe a goat...anything. He was starving. He was lucky and finally he caught two large stags. One of them, he turned into a meal for himself, whereas the other stag was meant to give strength to his mate and his unborn children.

He had been gone for around for about one hour as his sensitive ears heard a terrible sound, the scream of a wounded dragon. 
Fearing and expecting the worst, he flew back as fast as possible. 
When he came back to Starbolt, he found a human, clad in armor, standing over her, his sword covered with the dragoness' blood. The knight killed her in her sleep: He had taken a large wooden pike to her head and pierced her eye. Her soft scales covering the belly offered no protection against his sword. 
Then Blazestorm realized the three destroyed eggs which were torn out of the mother-dragon's abdomen.
The dragon did not recall ever being so furious in all of his 350 years of life. He wasn't interested in the circumstances, he wanted blood. The knight should pay for his loss, as all the humans should pay for it. 

Blazestorm cried out his challenge and to his big surprise that knight didn't show any signs of fear. With a sudden movement of his tail he knocked down the human  smashing his leg and pinned him to the ground with his claw. "You!!!", the dragon roared, emitting little sparks from his snout, "will pay for it. I swear!". 
"Then, we will meet us in hell again, devil! Come one, kill me, bastard. I devoted my life to eradicate this world  of you scaled vermin. Kill me, if you can!", the knight hissed.
"Kill you? Oh, believe me, you will be lucky if I kill you. You will be down on your knees beg for your death, this I can assure you!" Having said these words, Blazestorm knocked the knight into unconsciousness and started to remove the shimmering armor, pulling it from the human, as though the knight were a lobster. The dragon's claws made short work of the man's trousers and underwear. The dragon found some ropes among the knight's equipment, and by means of them, Blazestorm bound the human's hands and legs and suspended him from a tree limb.  Then Blazestorm took Starbolt's lifeless body in sorrow and brought her into the mountains for her funeral. He sealed the entrance of the cave with large rocks and a magic spell, so no one was able to disturb his mate's eternal sleep. 
After that he returned to the knight; yes, this human should pay for what he has done to Starbolt and also to him, Blazestorm. 
The dragon waited patiently until the knight, who was hanging before him, regained his consciousness. With a clawed hand Blazestorm caressed the knight's pale face. 
"What are you going to do?", the shivering knight asked, who, without his armor, was no longer proud and strong. "You killed my mate. I loved her. You have taken my unborn children! You stole a part of myself. And you shall pay!" The dragon whispered softly to him and added with grief in his voice: "I will never see her beautiful body again. I will never be able to talk to her. I will never be able to be in her company again. And you will pay with your worthless body for my loss!". Gently, Blazestorm  traced a line along the man's face...
The knight's scream echoed once more through the forest until the left eye was fully torn out. The dragon seemed to take delight in the pain of his victim, lapping it up like an ant laps up sugarwater. "Don't be afraid, my friend, I will leave you your other eye. I want you to watch how your own heart stops beating. But believe me, it will take some time until you experience the relief of death", the dragon hissed. 

Never before in his life Blazestorm killed a human except in self defense; on the contrary, there were even humans among his friends some of who were children. But the pain of the loss of his beloved mate drove him crazy. He wanted blood. Severing some of the human's organs, genitals and limbs using claws, teeth and fire, Blazestorm put the tough knight's body through five days of cruelst torment before he ended his life incinerating him. 

Soon the dragon's rage gave way to sorrow and deep depression. He had lost the most important part of his life, his mate, and then, he killed the dragon slayer. But although he enjoyed the screams of pain and his victim's pleads for mercy, it didn't bring back his dragoness. After killing the knight he planned to destroy all the villages he could reach - he wanted to make all humans pay for what one misguided knight had done. But now he wasn't able to do this anymore. He wanted to be alone, and to end his life. 
He liftetd himself into the air. 

The dragon decided to return to the cave where he had taken the carcass of Starbolt. He wanted to lay down next to her and wait for his death to come.

Suddenly he was surrounded by a velvet darkness, but it was soon over and his vision cleared again. He was  far above the clouds somewhere in the mountains as he sensed a horrid smell unlike any smell that he had known before. And the sun was oddly-coloured. Then he saw it: About 200 meters below him another dragon was rising. It seemed that this dragon had the intention to attack Blazestorm. How could it dare? Blazestorm watched the stranger approaching. He would teach him a lesson, finally, *he* is the Lord of the mountains and he wouldn't accept any other dragon here until he ended his life. This strange dragon certainly was a youngster. Blazestorm roared his challenge and he dove after the intruder...


"Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you on board of the flight SW 6-3-6 from Geneva to Washington D.C. Our flight will last about 8 hours, the flight conditions are good. We hope, you enjoy your flight with Swissair. As soon as we have arrived our travelling-height, we will serve lunch."
"Now, darling, do you enjoy it so far?", the young man in the third row of the business-class asked the young lady next to him. They had just married and were on their way to their Honeymoon. "I don't know, my dear", she said nervously, "I can't relax. I don't trust that modern technology. It's the first time I am sitting in an aircraft and, well, I feel uneasy about it." Her husband took her hands and gently stroked them, giving her comfort and safety. 
About 200 people were on board of the brandnew Boeing 767. Businessmen, tourists...Americans, Europeans, all mixed up. The first class was closed for the other passengers as there were also some politicians on board. A babe was crying, a manager was typing notes into his electronic notebook and the stewards served refreshments.
"Daddy, Daddy, look! There's a dragon outside the window!", the shriek of the little child somewhere in the tail of the plane nearly wasn't heard in the business-class. The young man smiled at his wife: "How nice that the children still do have their imagination. And I was afraid, children were only interested in computer games and internet. Those were his last words he was able to speak to his wife as he realized her face becoming pale and as a shadow in front of the window darkened the sunlight...

"MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY - Swissair 6-3-6, calling all stations, Swissair 6-3-6 in great difficulty, declaring an emergency..."   With that the horrofied traffic controller lost the contact with the pilot. The controllers at the tower of the Genevan airport watched in panic a second radar signal appearing beside that of the big jet. A moment later, the two signals merged and disappeared.
The passengers in the rearmost seats of the jet never felt a thing as the tail section of the Boeing 767 was suddenly wrenched up and off. Suction tore through the cabin as it decompressed. Only a few of the passengers had time to see iron-like talons crushing through the wall of the aircraft...


Blazestorm was so overwhelmed by the wish to kill that strange, young dragon who dared to fly through *his* territory, that he sank into something of a trance, unaware of his surroundings, concentrating only on catching the intruder in flight and to tear him into pieces. His vision blurred and then he felt as though he was falling , no longer in control of his own flight. But his wings still pumped steadily. His eyes saw nothing; he could only sense the presence of the dragon as he drew up above the rival. With an earthshattering roar he dropped and threw his forelegs around the dragon's body, pulling him against his belly and grabbing its rear with his hindlegs. But instead of soft scales and warm flesh and blood, he felt metal under him...
Gradually he began to grow more aware of his surroundings. "What's that?!" His roar of surprise quickly turned into an even more angry growl and between his claws he tore the bizare pseudo-dragon to pieces. "Which kind of dragon are you? Covered in armor like those damn knights slaying dragons? Are you one of them? Are you the mount of such a damn human?". But, this "dragon" didn't answer. He watched the wrecked aircraft smashing against a rock and exploding.

"What is the meaning of this? Where am I? What happened?" Arching his back, Blazestorm dove down and landed in a valley between two high mountains. He looked around and suddenly he realized that these were not the mountains where he brought his dead mate. "Where am I?". And he felt very hungry at the same time. If he wanted to return to the cave where he buried his beloved Starbolt for welcoming his own death, he would need energy. He needed food, right now. So he scowered the area and finally found a large building made of stone and woods. Next to it, there was a large group of cattle. Delighted, he selected a large cow and flew off with it in his grasp. After filling his stomach, he would consider his situation.
He could not find any trees to hide, there were only large pastures and a grey strip cut straight through it. He landed next to that strip of grey, hard earth and proceeded to feed.
Soon after, a very strange metal device came up that strip of dark ground. It looked somehow like those vehicles, cattles or horses move for the humans. But there were no horses which moved that...thing. And it moved fast.


4:30 am. Antonello Varini crawled out of his warm and soft bed yawning and stretching. "Again another day", he muttered and went into the bathroom having a shave and a shower. He would have breakfast after feeding his animals, 30 cows, several horses and a goat. 
Antonello was a farmer, and he has been runing the farm alone since his wife Manuela died six years ago. His only child, a daughter, lived in the USA as she married an American businessman.
Antonello never thought of marrying again. He lived alone in the Swiss mountains with his animals and avoided people as far as possible. Only once in a month he took his old pick-up truck and drove to a small town near Geneva for selling his products and buying the things he needed for for his daily life.
Although he lived like a recluse, it didn't mean that he was old-fashioned. His stables were supplied with modern technology and he owned a nice Pentium II-notebook with internet access. He loved to chat via on the internet as much as he avoided other people (in real life).
One of his passions however were dragons, those beautiful firebreathing lizards. Indeed, one of the reasons why he had an internet account was the fact that he was looking for further information about dragons as he owned every book available about this topic.
Antonello fed his animals and cleaned up the barns as usual, spending some extra time with the goat.
It was about 8 am in the morning when he was ready for going into town. He wore his best clothes, the truck was loaded with his products to sell and all seemed to be like every time he went into the valley. After the long winter, at the end of May, the snow finally had molten away, so the streets would be clear and free.

On his way to the market, Antonello realized a strange presence of dozens of police-cars and also lots of military cars. 'Maybe a manoevre’, he thought and shook his head. This would be typical for Sitzerland: Such a little state and so much army. Well, it was not of his business, so he ignored it and finally arrived in the town.

It was not a very successful day. He only sold about the half of his goods, the people have been very reluctant to spend money this day. Besides, he now realized, there have been damn less people than usual. On the other hand, Antonello never had seen so many cops and soldiers in the town. Also, the people were slightly different. Of course, in such a little town, there do live many elder people who are quite... strange sometimes, very superstitious. But this time, he heard the most fantastic stories, for example about a gigantic eagle soaring high over the mountains. Other people thought of having encountered an U.F.O from a far-off galaxy. There were more reasonable people though, who talked about a rocket attack from former Yugoslavia or from the Iraque or from Russia.
Antonello was glad when he finally sat in his truck again on his way home. He just thought of a nice hot shower and a nice evening in front of his computer as 
he heard the news in his car-radio. The usual stuff about wars and corruption, about natural disasters and that a farmer named "Wesseli" has gained a prize for his cow "Elsa", which had the biggest udder....Suddenly, his attention was caught, when the speaker in the radio announced the latest details of a big tragedy happened some hours ago.
"Switzerland / United States of America. As the result of a sad air crash in the Swiss Alps, 212 people were killed. A Boeing 767 of SwissAir on its way from Geneva to Washington D.C. collided with a flying object which has been unidentified to date. It was probably an attempt by terrorists as on board were higher ranked American politicians..."
Antonello switched off his car-radio and shook his head. What a day. But it would explain the presence of so much army and police...and also the stupid rumours of the people. And the reason, why so many people didn't leave their houses for coming to the market - their fear kept them inside.
The man increased the speed as much it was possible for his truck and then he saw it...
There was something huge and unknown next to the street in front of him and the torn carcass of an animal which seemed to once have been a cow, was blocking the right lane.
Antonello slowed down the car and finally stopped, gazing and gasping at the sight. And then he stared into an enormous eye of an eagle...No, it was a reptilian eye, the eye of a dinosaur...or...
"That's impossible", he exclaimed and made the sign of a cross. "Lord, it is impossible. A dragon!". He didn't know what to do. He was so overwhelmed by the thought of actually having a dragon in front of his car that he even didn't realize the danger he was in. This creature could have swallowed him together with the car within instants. But Antonello's brain didn't work anymore. 
Like being in trance, he opened slowly the door of the car, got out and walked over towards the huge creature...


Blazestorm watched how a human got off the car and lept to his feet as he realized that this man was referring to him. Right in front of him was a creature akin to the one who killed his mate. And Blazestorm now had the possibility and the power to kill him. The dragon roared at the man, revealing cruel, sharp teeth. He had the intention to make the human suffer in fear before his death. Just as he thought of the method to kill his victim, he was surprised by the reaction of the human. The human dropped to his knees, looked up at the huge creature ready to finish his life and exclaimed: "Thank God! A dragon! Finally! Finally a dragon...". This threw Blazestorm so much off that he could not strike him down as he wished so much to do. The dragon was about to ask the man what he meant, but he didn't get the chance. The human obviously was either a maniac or a fool he and very, very excited. The dragon did not understand most of the human's speach. "I knew it!  I knew it all my life! I have always known that dragons existed! All my life I wished to meet a dragon, and now! Oh, God, thank you. Lord Dragon...!" the human didn't stop talking and before Blazestorm could react, the human pretty much expressed total devotion to the dragon: "Lord Dragon, please, let me be your slave. I want to dedicate my life to yo...." Before the man finished this sentence, the dragon twisted his tail about his ankles, forcing him to fall to the ground.  Blazestorm pinned the human down with his right forepaw, looming over him, his muzzle an inch away from the man's face. "Shut up!", he roared and indeed, the human became silent. "I do not have need for a servant. But I appreciate your courage to talk to me. May I know your name before I finish your life?". A sharp talon pointed to his throat. "A-Antonello. Antonello Varini." "Alright, humans call me >Blazestorm< .", the dragon replied and showing a toothy grin, continued: "And now, Antonello Varini, say your last prayer." "Why do you want me to kill? I mean, I have nothing done to you. In fact, I always loved dragons and..." "Enough!", interrupted the dragon with an angry grawl. "You are a human. That's enough for me. And now...". Antonello closed his eyes as he realized that this creature indeed was going to kill him. Blazestorm inhaled sharply and soon the human body would be a pile of cinder. But nothing happened. Instead, the claw pressed the helpless human further down. "I will spare your life for an instant. You shall tell me where I am. What happened to my mountains, to my forests? Why are there no other dragons?". "I don't know, what you are talking about..." "Wrong answer, my friend", the dragon said as his claw cut deeply into the shoulder of Antonello. "You are the only dragon I have ever seen in my life and noone has seen a dragon for many centuries, you are in the Swiss mountains, near Geneva, Switzerland, Europe, planet Earth. We do have May 2000.", the human whinced in pain. Blazestorm removed his claw from Antonello's shoulder and allowed him to stand up, totally puzzled of what he had heared from the human's mouth. He grawled angryly, his spiked tail  slashing to the left and to the right. "I do not have any idea what you are telling me. Probably I should kill you right here and now!"

Several gunshots and voices saved the human's life. "What's that?" "Damn!", Antonello exclaimed. "The army! They are going to kill you, run, Blazestorm, run!". The dragon didn't move because he couldn't believe his ears. Here was a man standing in front of him who, instead of being relieved to get rescue from soldiers, only cares for the dragon's escape. "I could help you, if you spare my life, Lord Dragon." Blazestorm narrowed his eyes and gazed at the human. "Why do you want to save me?" "Because...Because you are a dragon." "That's a trick. I should better kill you now!" "No! Please, trust me, Lord Dragon, let me help you.." "You are a human. A human can not be trusted!" "We don't have the time to discuss that topic", Antonello screamed and when the first soldiers arrived, he urged "Follow my car. Fly  high in the air and follow me to this mountain, I do live there!" He pointed first to the car, then to one of the mountains' peak. Just the very moment, when Antonello wanted to get into his car, several bullets penetrated the car's windscreen. "Hey, you! You over there! Stop immediately! That's an order! What’s that thing over there ?", one of the soldiers shouted at Antonello. Several machine guns and colts directed at the human and the dragon. The first soldier, obviously the Commander, took a step forward. "Do not move, stay where you are and hands up! Slowly, very slowly!", he commanded. "Fly, dragon, fly!" With this, Antonello made a surprisingly nimble movement towards his car, but as soon as he wanted to open the door, a bullet hit his shoulder and Antonello screamed in pain, covering a nasty wound with his hand.
Blazestorm was confused. What were those strange things which these humans held in their hands? It didn't matter to him much. They were humans, a strange kind of knights, with the intention to slay him and although they outnumbered him, he was more powerful. With one sudden burst of an infernal flame, the dragon incinerated them in the same instant as Antonello started his car. 
Blazestorm watched the car disappear and, still confused and surprised that this human was acting like this and having no other place to go, he lept high into the air and followed the car up to the mountain.


The dragon and the human arrived nearly at the same time at Antonello's farm. At once, ignoring his wound and his agony, Antonello intended to find a safe place for the dragon,  maybe a nice cave where he could hide, but the dragon insisted to first take care for the human's injury.
"Your wound is deep", the dragon rumbled, examining Antonello's wound. Finally, he discovered the bullet still inside the flesh and with a sudden movement of his razor-sharp claw, he pulled it out. 
Antonello screamed in pain for another time, but now it was over. Blazestorm sealed the wound with a little beam of fire from his nostrils and shut the bleeding wound.
"Thanks", the human moaned. "And now we must find a nice place for you to stay. I assure you, they will never find you. Here you will be in safety. 
As it was soon getting dark, Antonello pointed to a large building a few meters away from his house. "This barn is empty. And it seems to be large enough for you." "Why do you do this for me, Antonello?", the dragon asked, his voice surprisingly low and soft. "I could not leave such a beautiful creature as you to the mercy of the army, Lord Dragon. They would take you to a laboratory and conduct cruel experiments on you, bringing you slowly to death", Antonello replied. The dragon thought about this for a moment and then said: "It is good to see that at least a few humans are not eager to slay us dragons. So, you really seem to care for my species, don't you?" "Oh, yes, Lord Dragon. I really do. I’ve been hoping to actually met a dragon for my whole entire life. I have always hoped that dragons exist but I’ve never believed it. I am so happy that you are now standing in front of me and talking to me, Lord Dragon. And, if it is still your wish to execute me, please take my human life, Honorable Dragon."
Blazestorm assumed that Antonello again was overcome by his emotions, because the man promptly fell again to his knees before him. He began to weep, and he muttered quickly under his breath.  "Please, friend Antonello.  There is no need for that!  Get up and look me in the eye, friend...  I do not seek your servitude and I do not want your life any longer!" Blazestorm said to him as he craned his neck down to look at him.  Antonello looked up at the dragon, and sniffed back a tear.  In a surge of emotion, he leaped up and wrapped his arms around the dragon's neck.  Slipping from his grasp, Blazestorm took one step back and growled softly: „However, in doing what you have done, you have alienated yourself from your own people. Anyhow, now we should better go to rest." With that, the dragon moved towards the barn with no further words and without looking back.

Antonello sighed and went into his house for going to sleep as well. It was a hard day and so many happened...soon he fell into sleep and dreamt. As a brave knight in a shining armor, Antonello  was fighting an awful battle. He had to save his queen of hearts, a beautiful dragon, from a nasty and mean virgin... 

The sound of helicopters woke Antonello the next morning. He got out of the bed  and then he remembered...the dream, the dragon...the dragon? He ran out of the house, across the court to the barn and slowly opened the door. The stable was empty. The dragon was gone. "Aw, shit!" Antonello said in frustration, "It was just an illusion, a dream...I should have taken a picture." He stepped back into the morning sunlight. It was a bright morning, fragrant with the smell of wildflowers; the plaintive calls of birds in the distance assailed his ears. Then there was another sound, a kind of purring sound that came from behind and above. Benny turned around and looked up.  "Oh, boy!" Antonello exclaimed, "You stayed!" The dragon responded by cocking his head. "You are up early, my friend."

After Antonello had done his duties on the farm, he started to prepare the barn for his new guest. He even installed a little TV-set in the former barn, imagining that he and the dragon would spend the evenings together.
During the day, the dragon stayed inside of the barn and slept, and during the darkness of the night he left for "stretching his wings", as Blazestorm put it. He hunted a deer or something like that in the forests. Sometimes he took also an old cow from a pasture. He even bathed in Lake Geneva every second day. After all, dragons are very clean animals. 
The hours of dusk and dawn, dragon and human spent together, usually sitting in the barn as Antonello's home did not provide enough sufficient room for such a large creature to enter.
During the time, the human told the dragon much of his life and also Blazestorm had many stories to tell about his old home and about his life. Antonello learned much about living in the Middle Ages, about knights and peasants, about the incredible power once the Roman Catholic Church had. But above all, he learned about dragons. In return, Antonello taught the dragon in different subjects of modern living, about customs and habits of 20th century people, about technology, he even showed him how to use a computer. 
One evening, Antonello surprised his friend with a special gift: He built a very large keyboard for the dragon to use. Each key had the size of about 3 cm square.

Soon, they became friends, although Antonello was very shocked as Blazestorm told him about the cruel dead of his beloved mate Starbolt and about the even more cruel punishment of the knight.

"But, five days of torture. That is Barbarian! You did not have the right to do such a thing, you were not better than that knight!" "As I said before, friend Antonello, I am not proud of what I did", Blazestorm growled as Antonello started for the 6th or the 7th time to be enraged about the fact that his draconic guest had killed a human. "It was cruel and probably wrong, I admit, but I beg you, friend Antonello, please do not judge me solely on the basis of that one action! It was done in anger and hatred, but I can not undo that anymore than you can return my mate to the living.
In all my existence, I have never done anything so cruel as what I did to the knight. I try to live my life as good and kind being and it would hurt me to know that you would see me as evil. Please, do not look at me in that light, friend." "Forgive me, friend Blazestorm... I didn't mean to hurt you. Of course, I know that no one can be judged after a single action.". "You are forgiven, friend Antonello, as everytime when you start this argument. I think, we should close that chapter now once for all!"


As Antonello's farm was very remote, the dragon was able to avoid exposure and no one would ever guessed that a creature, which was supposed to never have existed, lived in the Swiss Alps.
Also, the aircrash was forgotten soon. The public was content to have the information that it was an act of terror by some Islamic fundamentalists. Also, the death of those incinerated soldiers was explained in a similar way: After all, one of the soldiers, who watched the "explosion" from a distance, recognized the man in the fast leaving car and after his description, it was an international operating terrorist. It was obvious to all that this man has thrown a grenade at the soldiers who tried to stop him.
For the public and also the government the case was solved. The USA probably would attack any Islamic region in an act of revenge. Officially it will be called a measure to prevent international terrorism...

Only a young, motivated journalist at his very beginning of his career, was not fully convinced. Besides, he needed a good story. And he needed it right now. 
Besides, there were still rumours about that huge eagle or whatever, what so many people were convinced to have watched.
He was politically very informed, his special field was terrorism in all varieties. One of his hobbies were aircrafts, but his greatest passion was crypto-zoology, so the research would be very interesting for René Perrier by all means. 


The days passed by. Human and dragon spent their daily hours together with talking or watching TV or playing chess and backgammon. Antonello became very familiar with the dragon's habits and Blazestorm got along with his friend very well. 
Blazestorm even regained his joy of living and he slowly became able to accept and to overcome the death of his beloved Starbolt. He also started to recognize that not all humans were only worth to be killed. "Nevertheless", he once said, "I think, your world would be a better place if dragons would rule it. It is a shame how you treat mother nature, it is a shame how you humans get along with each other." As usual, Antonello just nodded - what should he say else; Blazestorm just expressed, what Antonello always has felt: Human society is sick.

Only one thing Blazestorm never understood: Why the hell, Antonello always left him alone for about one hour during their daily evening-sessions? When Blazestorm asked his friend, he only replied that he had forgotten to feed the animals or that he was just going into the kitchen for getting something to drink or to the restroom and things like that. First, the dragon has accepted these answers, but as it happened every day at around the same time, he started to wonder. Usually, he would ignore it, but Blazestorm felt hurt because it seemed that Antonello would consider him as a dumb sap.
So he decided to follow his friend, he was too curious to learn the secret what his friend tried to hide from him.
Carefully, the dragon followed the man and watched him disappearing into the barn which kept the goat. Blazestorm peered through the small dusty window and suddenly he understood. He watched for a little while and then retired, grinning. Now, *that* was Antonello's secret.

The match between Italy and Switzerland was still 0:0, when  Antonello rose to his feet from his chair in the barn: "I just want to go to my house for preparing some snacks for us and get something to drink." The dragon, which joined his human friend watching the soccer-match, sighed. "You seem to be very lonely, friend Antonello." This question threw the man off. "Lonely? What do you mean?" Blazestorm just shook his head and his eyes were full of disappointment. "You know, what I mean, friend Antonello." "Honestly spoken, no. I just wanted to go out into the kitchen...""Stop it! There is no need for you to play any games with me. Am I your friend or am I not?" Antonello turned to leave the room, "Sorry, I don't know, what you want from me. If you prefer to talk in riddles to me..." "Well then, as you wish, my friend. Is she a good lover?" Antonello felt like being hit by a lightning. "Who?" "*She*", and Blazestorm imitated the bleating of a goat which sounded quite funny as it came from the throat of a dragon. "You...you know it?" "Don't worry, friend Antonello", the dragon softly hissed. "We dragons are very tolerant, you see." For how long have you been knowing ?" "Long enough. But I have always hoped you would relieve your soul and talk about it. You miss your wife like hell, don't you?" Blazestorm's muzzle came close to the human's face. "I don't want to talk about it." "Why not? Maybe you should. Friend Antonello, you can't go on like this for much longer. It destroys you...Trust me, I will listen." To emphasize his words, the dragon opened his wings and wrapped them around the human, holding him close to his chest. "You really loved her." It was not a question, it was a statement. "I did. And this swine destroyed all." "What has happened, my friend?" "Manuela, my wife. Her death was so senseless. It was in summer 1994. She took her car, she wanted to visit her brother. Later the police said that the other one was drunken like a pig. That bastard caused the accident. He didn't stop at the red light - he was too drunk to even realize the traffic light. Any rescue for my wife arrived too late. The swine survived. They got him and I was sure he would end up in prison. But he had a brilliant lawyer and he really came free. The fine he had to pay was just a mockery." The dragon said nothing, he just held the human tight. "I spent many years planning a revenge. I wanted to kill that bastard. But he was lucky enough to escape from me by committing suicide." "And then? Was there never any other woman you could fall in love with?" "No, I was not able to do so. Every woman I met, I compared to my beloved Manuela." Blazestorm sighed and after a short pause, he said soflty:"Antonello, you really need a mate again. You deserve something better." "There can't be anything better than Manuela." "But she is dead and you can't change it anymore, friend Antonello!" Blazestorm exclaimed, still covering the human with his wings. "Also my beloved Starbolt is still alive for me. You know the story, friend Antonello. Also I have lost my most important part of my life. In fact, she was a part of me. It took a long time to get over it. And it was you, friend Antonello, who taught me that life goes on. I have started to live again. But, in contrast to you, I will never have the chance to mate with a dragoness again, as in your time, I am the only existing dragon. I even won't be able to talk or even see another dragon. I am lonely as well, my friend, lonely in the sense of not having a mate. But, at least I have found a friend in you." The dragon gently nudged the human's face and Antonello somehow enjoyed this proximity of the dragon. "I really care a great deal for you, my little human friend." "So do I", Antonello replied, sobbing as he was not able to hold back his tears any longer.


"Alright. An act of terrorism definitively can be excluded." René was very pleased. He spent many weeks with doing researches in archives, libraries and interviewing experts from the Swiss intelligence service. He talked to the people who examined the wrecked aircraft and to doctors from the forensic medicine. Whatever has caused that accident, the aircraft exploded not because of a bomb or a rocket. Also technological problems, perhaps a burning cable which caused another aircrash near the Canadian coast some months ago, were completely out of question.
But what could have caused the crash else? And that was exactly the point which excited René. Were there some supernatural powers? And what about the rumours about that eagle or dinosaur or whatever? Was there any connection? But anyhow, it would be a good story. 


Blazestorm viewed his human friend lovingly. It was nearly 7 am and Antonello still was sleeping, snuggled up to the dragon's soft belly. From that night on, their lifes would be different. Without saying any word, they both felt that their time of lonliness would be over now. "Time to get up, my dear friend Antonello", Blazestorm whispered nuzzling his lover‘s face.

The dragon assisted Antonello to run his farm. If there was only the impression that it would have prospered and grown since the dragon's arrival, the truth now could not have been denied anymore. Antonello realized very good profits selling his products on the market,his lifestock grew and also his small cornfield became lush after he enriched the cattles' dung with the dragon's manure. 
Although Blazestorm meant it is as joke when he proposed Antonello to merchandise the dragon's dung, the smart farmer tried it and soon "Antonello's Magic Alround Fertilizer" became a big success. Gardeners and farmers, but also owner of small gardens and pot-plants, all enthused by the results they gained using the new fertilizer.
This way Antonello received a little wealth after many years of hard work. But he never forgot the reason for his success and he never became arrogant over his success. His love to Blazestorm was deep and honest. Blazestorm was happy to have found a new love. Although not a dragon, he recognized in his human mate a sort of a "dragon-spirit", as he put it.  Thus,  the days passed by and everything seemd to be alright. 

Although Antonello now was successful, he preferred to continue his life as a recluse. Blazestorm was enough of company for him.
That's why he didn't realize that he soon was under close observation. People started to talk about his sudden wealth and jealousy soon obsessed the peoples' hearts.
In early autumn it happened: Large parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland were hit by thunderstorms and hurricanes, hail and later also floods destroyed the harvests and many existences. But - what a miracle - Antonello's farm was nearly fully spared of these disasters. 
Strange enough, even as a cattle-plague killed lots of cattles in Switzerland some weeks before, Antonello's lifestock was not infected.


"I tell you, this man has a pact with the devil. Maybe he is the devil." "Nonsense. Varini is only lucky." "Oh, you call it 'luck'? And what about the creature which lives with him? This eagle?" "I thought, it would be a lizard, a dinosaur?" "Oh, folks, you are all so stupid. Dinosaurs do not exist, don't believe in every rumours that are around." "But there's a monster living in the mountains." "Nonsense." "Not nonsense. I tell you, there's a connection between the appearance of that ...beast and Varini's luck. Why didn`t the hail destroy his harvest ? Why did his cattle survive ? And then, isn`t it strange that, after his wife died, he has got never re-married again ?" "It all started with that aircrash", a man reflected. These phrases and similar rumours were to be heard on the tables reserverd for regular guests in the inns and restaurants.
"Excuse me, gentlemen," René had followed the conversation of the five man sitting at the table next to him. "Do you really believe in the storires about that eagle? I have heard rumours about it since the aircraft was ...attacked." "Not an eagle, sir. A dinosaur." "No, a dragon,  I am certain it is a dragon", an elder man interrupted. "But, sir", René tried to smile, hiding his excitement. "Dragons never have existed. They are just fabulous creatures. Moreover, dinosaurs don`t exist anymore, as every child knows." "Oh, really? And what do you think lives here in the mountains? I tell you. It is the evil itself". "Did anyone ever see that ...thing  with his own eyes?", René asked. The men became silent. "No, to be honest, none of us has ever seen this monster itself. Only a shadow." René smiled: "And where was this shadow watched?" "It was watched soaring above the lake, for example." "And there were carcasses of torn animals found in the forests. But we don't have here any wolves if you think they would have killed it.", a man added. "It is the devil. And Varini sold his soul to him. That explains why he is so lucky." "Who is this Mr. Varini and where does he live?", the journalist tried to sound very calm. He had to talk to this man. Oh Lord! What a story! Somehow, it sounded like a bestseller of Stephen King.
"Varini? He is a recluse. He lives on a mountain's peak...", and they described him the way to his farm. Renée paid several rounds for the people and left the inn.
He went to a telephone box and searched for the number of Antonello. 

"Hello?" "Mr. Varini?" "Yes, Varini's speaking." "My name is Perrier. René Perrier. I am a journalist from the "Swiss Guardian". I conduct researches on the aircrash in May. May I can come around for an interview?" "Concerning the aircrash? Well, I thought, it would have been an act of terrorism. Besides, I don't see how I should be able to help you. But of course, sure, you can come. When?" "Tomorrow?" They agreed upon a certain time and very pleased journalist returned to his hotel.


Suddenly, understanding dawned on him: "It was you! You attacked the aircraft. That was this "metallic dragon" you have talked about. Now I understand!", Antonello exclaimed. They were sitting in Blazestorm's barn and tried to come to a decision what to do with the journalist. The dragon lowered his head and looked at Antonello with pleading eyes. "Please, friend Antonello, my love. Believe me when I say that I didn't mean to hurt those humans. I really thought it was an impudent stranger conquering my territory. Please, forgive me." Antonello sighed and patted his friend's muzzle: "Even if I wished to, I can't blame it on you. After all what had happened to you before. Besides, how should a dragon from the Middle Ages know about aircrafts. But we must consider what I can tell that fellow when he interviews me in a couple of hours." To his big surprise and dismay, the dragon started to weep: "Please, please my love, I beg you...please don't tell him about my presence. Once, you have told me what would happen to me if they found out about me. Please, Antonello...I am afraid to die." "Oh, Blazestorm! I could never permit that something happens to you. I love you, my beloved dragon. Of course, I won't tell him any word about you. And he musn't see you under any circumstances. Best, you will hide in this barn and stay calm until he leaves again." Antonello gently stroked the smooth scales of the dragon's face and kissed him passionately. "Easy, old fellow. Nothing will ever happen to you. I promise you." After a pause, Antonello proposed: "And if you simply swallow him?" "Antonello!" "Why not, you have killed several people before. One more or less, what's the matter?" "Antonello! How can you dare? The knight had slain my mate. Those soldiers attacked us. But this man has never done anything to me. I am not a bloodthirsty, manslaying monster. I have thought you have understood that, dear friend. I am really disappointed." "Hey, it should have been a joke". The dragon gave his human friend a playful strike with his forepaw. "That's not funny, my love."

"Oh, you are also interested in crypto-zoology, Mr. Varini?", René asked, looking around in the living room when Antonello brought in cups, an large pot of coffee and a chocolate-cake. "Why - Oh, you mean because of the posters and books? Well, I must admit, fabolous creatures like unicorns or dragons are my passion." "By the way, dragons. Have you heard those rumours?" "Which rumours?" "About a dinosaur or monster or a dragon living in these mountains?" Antonello laughed and sat down, filling the cups with hot coffee. "Nice rumour. And typical of the people living here. I suppose, you don't believe that bullshit?" "Hmm? Oh, no! No! Of course not. But it is so strange, you see, Mr. Varini. 
These rumours have been alive since that accident happened to Flight SW 6-3-6. 
Which brings me to the reason for my appearance." "Well, yes. I really wonder why you want to interview me about this topic. Some Islamic radicals brought that airoplane to an explosion. There were some American politicians on board, Mr. Perrier." "Well, that's at least what the public should think", René answered and took a sip of his coffee. "But I am convinced that it is not the true reason for the explosion. The air traffic control reported a second radar signal instants before the crash. Something large collided with the aircraft." "Well, probably a rocket", Antonello suggested. René shook his head. "Certainly not. A rocket would have shattered the aircraft. But they have found the tail as one single unit literally wrenched off miles away from the body. The body exploded when it crashed against a mountain. No, Mr. Varini. No rocket or bomb could have done such a destruction like the - let us call it - 'thing' which has attacked it. And it must have been something living. A creature of flesh and blood." "Why are you telling me this? What do you want to say ?" "Mr. Varini. I want to be honest with you. Do you know, what the people of this region talk about you? They are fearing you. They claim you would have magical abilities. That you were dealing with dark powers. That you have sold your soul to the Devil in return for wealth and fortune. And they have seen a dinosaur. What, if this ... dinosaur is not a dinosaur, but a dragon?" "That's silly!", Antonello exclaimed. "Dragons do not exist. Just gossip from jealous and superstitious people. They envy me, because I was lucky enough to save my cattle from the plague and that my farm was spared by the storms." "Really?", René didn't give in. "Do you think of another explanation?" Antonello now became angry: "I think, you will better go now." René was pleased. This was exactly the reaction he hoped to provoke. "There's another point which may interest you, Mr. Varini. The Swiss air traffic control provided me with the information that they still do receive radar signals, nearly every second day since that accident. They are convinced that this signal is caused by the same 'object' which approached and destroyed the Boeing 767, Flight  SW 6-3-6. They told me even more: This signal appears and disappears only during certain hours at night and between Lake Geneva and this point here. If you would mind to check the coordinates..." René removed a GPS from his bag and showed the display to Antonello. Antonello shook his head. "Nonsense. I am not longer willing to listen to your bullshit. Leave immediately or I will...will..."  "Yes, you will what?" René was not impressed by Antonello's rage. Despite of his anger, the journalist continued: "Would you like to listen to my theory, Mr. Varini? The people in the valley are right from a certain point of view. Your wealth and the aircrash are connected. Somehow a dragon got into our dimension and it attacked the jet. Probably, the dragon had mixed up the aircraft with a rival, maybe another dragon roaming his territory. The dragon grabs the jet and wrenches off its tail, thinking to hurt the foreign dragon. He realizes the mistake and lets the jet go, which, of course crashes. Then the dragon lands somewhere in the mountains to find out its position. It is puzzled, tired and hungry. Somehow, you meet the beast, maybe you are on your way into town or back home. Anyhow, Mr. Varini, you were lucky enough to meet that animal first and as you are crazy for dragons, you see your dreams come true. But also the army and the police are interested in the dragon, as they watched it landing near they place where you have found it. They even figured out that the dragon has been responsible for the aircrash. They arrived at the time when you wanted to leave with the dragon. Some soldiers tried to stop you, but somehow you managed it to escape, together with the dragon. Probably the dragon has killed the soldiers. And now you are living together with the dragon which is so grateful that he provides you with wealth and with his friendship. I only wonder how you have managed to survive your first encounter with that beast. How do you like my little theory, Mr. Varini?"
"That's absurd. Not a single word is true. Dragons do not exist. Besides, according to your theory, why and how might a dragon get into our dimension ?" "Well, that's the point I am still thinking of. But I promise you, I will find out." "Ok, find it out, but not here. Out!!!" Antonello shouted. He lifted himself and Renée came to the conclusion that the interview would end at this point. "I will return, Mr. Varini!", the journalist said calmly as he got into his car. "You damn asshole!!!" Antonello shouted after the leaving car. 


A shadow circled over the dark water of Lake Geneva and with a soft splashing sound, the dragon dove into the cold water. He started to clean himself, enjoying the water touching his scales.  Killing those two deers he had for his dinner, he imagined to have this damn human
between his claws. What was his name? René? Well, if he ever encounters this man, he will teach him a lesson or two. Blazestorm still was enranged about the behaviour of that journalist. And he had to help his human friend.
After the interview, Antonello came into the dragon's barn and it took him a lot of time and tenderness to calm the human down. But Blazestorm was realistic enough to recognize that this journalist would return and that Antonello's life from now on never would  be the same. The only solution Blazestorm could think of was to leave the farm and Antonello. But how should he tell Antonello? He never would let the dragon go, not after the bond which had developed between them. Would he really leave in that case? Would it really be better for Antonello? They would not find any dragon at his farm, but the people still would  be superstitious and also jealous and afraid. Blazestorm sighed. Yes, Antonello's life has changed since the  dragon's arrival.
For the first time in the past few months, Blazestorm thought of his former home in a former time. He remembered his life, his wife...the loss still hurt like
hell, but the wish for revenge has vanished now. How would it be to return into the Middle Ages and to take  Antonello with him? 
Blazestorm climbed a group of rocks building a natural jetty in the water and shook himself, his wings semi-opened, to get dried.
Would Antonello join him? The human had very strong emotions for the dragon and the same felt Blazestorm for his human friend. But even if Antonello accepted, *how* could they return ? What was the reason for him being here ?
Blazestorm sighed. "Humans. They haven't changed much in the past centuries.
There are exceptions, but most of them...only scum, like that bastard of a journalist." The dragon blinked: What, according to Antonello, did this guy reply to the question about how the dragon entered our dimension? „‘Well, that's the point I am still thinking of. But I promise you, I will find it out.’", quoted Blazestorm. Suddenly, an idea flashed into the dragon's mind and he gave a toothy grin: "Sure you will, my friend. And you  will share your knowledge with us." Blazestorm leapt into the moonlit night and flew back into the mountains.
His eyes didn't miss a particular car on one of the roads below him...


René felt a little bit dizzy. Although he left the party before midnight, he had consumed several drinks. It was a charity event for orphans and he had to write an article about it. Not the kind of job he liked, but nevertheless his job as 
journalist and besides, as long as he had no sufficient material like photos or a good theory, a story about a  faboulous beast actually living in the modern world would be only a fantasy tale and not a sensation his boss would publish.

In order to get back to his hotel, he decided to take the road along the lake shore. Thus, he could avoid any Highway Patrol; after all, he could not afford to lose his driving licence.
Something glided over his car. Although it was only for less than a second, René realized it. He stopped his car at the side and was able to get a glimpse of a large black silhouette circling above the lake. It looked like a giant eagle or bat or...Before René was able to finish his thought, the shadow diappeared above the dark water of Lake Geneva. Although the night was well lit by the moon, no sign of any disturbance of the water's surface was to be seen. René was about to start his car again, but something held him back. He finally got off and went down to the water. He sat down on a footbridge and watched the water reflecting the moonlight. It was a very silent night and only the regular murmur of the water was to be heard.
And then he saw it: Something large pushed through the water surface and swam towards a jetty in the water, not  too far away from the shore. Instinctively, René took shelter behind some bushes and stared at the silhouette in the lake: A reptilian body, wings, and shiny scales which reflected the moonlight.
He realized the truth only slowly: He was glaring at a dragon, a real dragon. His own story, which was only supposed to provoke Mr. Varini, seemed to be closer to the truth than René ever could have guessed. With deep fascination he watched the incredible sight and was very tempted to run back to the car to get his camera. But he knew that it would drive away the beast. He had to follow the creature, to find out, where it lived. And if it really was hidden by Mr. Varini...What a great story. Some pictures of the beast - he could sell them to newspapers, magazines and TV-channels from all over the world.
Maybe, there would be even more commercial possibilities concerning a dragon. Anyhow, he could earn lots of money and also become famous.

René watched the dragon rise and he hurried back to his car, intending to follow the creature which was on ist way to ist shelter in the mountains.
It was not easy for the journalist to drive the car through the night and observing the dragon at the same time. But soon the dragon's destination became obvious and indeed, after about 20 minutes, he approached Antonello's farm.
"Alright, bud! I have promised to return, and I will return. Now your ass is mine!"


Blazestorm sighed and closed his eyes. Before he landed, he made sure that the driver of the car following him didn't lose his trace. Now all he had to do was to wait. Humans were so predictable...

René turned his car and parked it about one mile away from the farm. He took his special night-camera, so no flash would wake up the farmer and started to walk slowly towards the buildings. He climbed over the fences and carefully moved on towards the large building which must be the stable, using every shadow for cover for not to be discovered in the bright moonlight.
The young man gasped when he suddenly discovered something on the floor. It was a footprint, a very large one and without a doubt quite reptilian...He knelt down and shot several photos of that trace and then headed towards the barn. The beast must be inside and he would soon get the photos of his life.

Blazestorm forced himself to keep his eyes closed as his ears caught the faint sound of footsteps caused by a human. He imagined how carefully the human tries to move, avoiding any sound and using every shadow for cover. But the human certainly not knew about the incredible senses of a dragon: Blazestorm's sensible nostrils already caught the human scent as the human still was at the fence. He even would notice a mouse running through the grass two miles away. Finally, very slowly and carefully the barndoor was opend. Blazestorm made himself sure before that he hadn't shut the door fully as his human friend Antonello musn't wake up at any price. 

Nearly without any sound the wooden door swung open and at once René realized the strange odour inside the barn, a sharp, somehow metallic scent. And then his eyes caught the most impressive view of his life: Right in the middle of the room, in the spotlight of some moonrays coming through the little barnwindow, the dragon was laying there like a statue.
It took all of Renés willpower to resist his impulse and urge to touch the dragon’s flanks, to gently caress the beast. The young man was not able to deny it: He was a dragonlover and his wish, once to see with his own eyes a real, living dragon came true that night. But then his professional coolness returned and he took several pictures of the aninmal who seemed to sleep like a rock. René had read lots of books about fabolous creatures and he knew lots about dragons, but his knowledge was not large enough to realize that the dragon before him only pretend to sleep. No dragon would have allowed to an unknown person to come as close as the journalist was now. But Blazestorm wanted him to get his pictures as the dragon needed the human’s help for realizing his own plans.
Having finished his work, René retreated. Now, he only had to write a nice story; his boss would be very pleased about the results. 

Driving back to his hotel, in René’s mind the whole article was written yet. He just thought about a suitable headline when he arrived.


„What are you thinking of, my friend?", the dragon asked, gently wrapping his wings around his human friend. It was a nice summer evening and together they watched the sunset illuminating the mountain tops in fantastic colours. 
„You have been so quiet since this journalist was here. That was nearly two weeks ago – after how you humans measure time." „I can’t forget that damn Mr. Perrier. He was so self-confident. As if he knew something. As if he knew there would be a dragon." „Sshhhhhh",  Blazestorm  hissed softly, „ you really need to stop worrying so much, Antonello.". „I really don’t understand you!", Antonello exclaimed. „ You were the one who was so in panic about that journalist! Remeber? ‘I beg you! Please don't tell him about my presence. Once, you have told me what would happen to me if they found out about me. Please, Antonello, I am afraid to die.’, these were your words. And now, you are sitting here as all would be just a game!" „But, it is a game, my friend!" „What? Are you silly? Did the sun dry out your reptilian brain? A game? Maybe for you, but not for me. If they discover you, they will also catch my ass. If you wish to end up in a laboratory, then it’s your business. Then leave now. Oh, damn! Why did you ever come here into our dimension. Why did you come into my life? I wish, I never would have met you", Antonello jumped on his feet and headed towards the house. The dragon sighed. Some of the human’s words really stung him, but he was able to understand the emotions of the human. As he had suspected, his arrival had changed Antonello’s life. The gossip of the people in the valley, the interview with Mr. Perrier, it all became too much for Antonello. And Blazestorm realized, although he and the human became so close friends, actually soulmates, Antonello became even lonelier than he had been before the dragon arrived.
Blazestorm followed Antonello and gently laid his massive paw on Antonello’s shoulder. „Calm down, my friend", he nuzzled him gently. „I know what you are going through. Come on, let’s talk." The dragon turned Antonello around and reluctantly the human went back to the barn. Once inside, the dragon held him tight. „You will see, my friend: All will work out fine, for all of us. Trust me. Believe me." The dragon hugged his human friend and simply by Blazestorm’s soft voice, warm breath and smooth scales, Antonello was starting to feel much better. Blazestorm decided to help his friend’s evening becoming a tad more lovable and easier...


It was Sunday, the only day of the week which Antonello used to get up at about 6 am and not as usual at 4:30 am. 
But it was not the sound of his alarm-clock which woke him up, but the ringing of his telephone. 5:45 am. „Who the hell could be so crazy to call me up at this time – it is Sunday", he muttered and headed for the phone. „Yeah?" „Listen, you bastard", the voice on the other end sounded metallic and distortet. „I am going to kill you. In the name of Jesus and God, you will burn, Satan!" „Hello? What the f...", but the call was disconnected. Antonello shook his head. „A crazy one", he shrugged and wanted to return to his bed as the telephone rang again. „Hello?" This time there was a female voice to be heard on the other end of the line: "Mr. Varini? In the name of The Church Of Virgin Mary I invite you to come to us to pray and to get rid of the demon obsessing you." „Sorry, I don’t understand...", again, the connection was interrupted.
Antonello jerked at the sound of shattering glass as a brick had smashed the large window of the livingroom. There was a massage attached to the stone: „You damn son of a bitch! You and the dragon will come out immediatly otherwise we will burn your house and the barns down." Antonello looked out of the window and was shocked: Out there, dozens of people were prepared to attack the house with rifles, cudgels, sticks and other weapons. „Down with the dragon!" „Varini deals with Satan!" „Get him, people, otherwise we will be lost!" „Kill the dragon and then burn him to cinder!" Those and similar things were shouted at him. Some people, especially elder people made the sign of a cross when he stepped to the broken window. The first time in his life, Antonello was frightened. He feared for his life as he slowly retreated and left the house the back way.

„Who are they?" Blazestorm asked curiously. His tail swished forth and back. I could roast them a bit..."No! I dont think that would be a clever idea", Antonello replied. Somehow, he had managed to get to the barn without being seen by the mob outside. In the dragon’s presence he felt much better. „They came for you", Antonello’s voice was muffled by his sobbings. „They found out about you and now they want to kill you." „Why must you humans always try to slay us dragons. What have we done to you?" „They fear you..and in your case, well, do I really have to remind you of that one knight you tortured or the aircraft you attacked or the soldiers you toasted", Antonello replied bitterly and in the same instant he regrettet his remark. „I am, sorry, my friend. But what should we do now? They really try to attack us." 
Antonello and Blazstorm glanced out at three militant figures about to enter the yard before the barn. The dragon started to growl. They watched  as the trio opend the gate. The dragon could not resist any longer. With glowing eyes, he took a step out of the barn and the people outside screamed in panic and anger. „There! The dragon! Come on. Let’s slay it right here and now!" But noone dared to make a single move. Antonello watched numbly as his friend breathed in deeply, preparing himself for exhaling his lethal breath. Blazestorm advanced menacingly, slowly, but his intention was quite plain. The men hesitated, conferred together, withdrew - only to return with a machinegun pointing at the dragon. But before the man was able to pull the trigger they all heard several police sirens whine down to inaudibility right outside the farm gates. „Well, they took their time", Antonello sighed. „Please, for our both sake, stay calm now, Blazestorm. And no matter, what happens. I love you, friend dragon." The dragon exhaled carefully and looked down at his human friend. „I love you too, friend Antonello." He nudged the human gently as 6 policemen were approaching. „You certainly took your time coming", Antonello said acidly. „I have been plagued by..." „Are you Mr. Varini?" one policeman interrupted him arrogantly. Antonello nodded. „I have a warrant for your arrest. Illegal keeping of a dangerous animal and allowance of an act of terrorism. Besides, the keeping of that thing", he pointed at the dragon, „is hiding of an public enemy. And that’s a crime in this state, buddy!" Antonello snatched the warrant out of the cop’s hand. When the policeman stepped forward, Blazestorm gave a warning snarl, little sparks emitted from the dragon’s nostrils. Antonello read the document hastily. „Christ! That’s all an awful mistake! Let me explain..." „You will come with us then, Mr. Varini and tell it to the judge." „Yeah! To the judge with that bastard who deals with Devil and shoot that dragon!", the mob shouted. Three of the policemen tried to keep the mob under control and to push them back. „Ladies and Gentlemen. We have here everything under control. Please leave this place now immediatly. There’s nothing to watch anymore. For your own safety, please leave this area." „Kill the dragon!" one man shouted. „We want to see the dragon die, then we will leave", a girl added. „This is the police’s business not yours, please leave now." But the mob wasn’t inclined to retreat. 
„Yes, down with the dragon – we want his head!" 
It were only Blazestorm’s ears, which caught the faint voices of some children: „No! We want to see the dragon." „Wow! A dragon!" „What’s its name? Can I pet it?" But those children had no chance against the raging mob and also the policemen nearly were to weak to hold them back any longer. 
And suddenly there was that shot. 
Later, there were different opinions about it. One group was convinced that one of the cops fired a shot into the air for getting attention, other people said it was someone out of the crowd who tried to shoot the dragon.
Anyway, after that single shot everything went out of control. „Watch out, the dragon!", was the last thing Antonello heard; then there was this earthshattering roaring which exceeded Antonello’s „No!!!". The man barely realized the cops aiming at him. There were only the dragons’s roaring and the panicked screams of dozens of people. Some screams of fear suddenly turned into screams of pain and death. Blazestorm did not even waste energy on blasting the people with his infernal breath of flames. He simply toyed with them, using his whiping tail and his claws. After a few moments it was over: People were running like a flock of cattle from Antonello’s farm, only three people remained, two of them  a bloody mess of mangled bodies.
„You have killed them! Damn! You have killed them all!!" Antonello exclaimed before he collapsed sobbing and weeping. Blazestorm, still shivering, slowly came closer to his friend and glanced down at him. He started to wrap his wings around the man, but he was pushed away. „You have destroyed all my life. The life of these men here and there families. The people are right. Dragon’s are nasty, satanic beasts! Die!!!" Antonello grapped one of the automatic guns and was just about to pull the trigger, as he felt a firm grip on his shoulder. „Mr. Varini! No! Don’t do it! No! Calm down. It’s over!". Antonello recognized the soothing but urgent voice. „Mr. Perrier!", he turned around and stared at the young journalist. „You! You dare...Look what you have done with your damn article. Are you happy now? Now you do have fine headlines, indeed!" The farmer slammed his fist into the other man’s face. The next blow was placed into René’s stomach. He collapsed like a sack of potatoes, but Antonello didn’t stop. As he was kicking after the now helpless body on the floor, the dragon stood between him and René. „Now it is enough. Now you will listen, boy." The dragon’s gaze nearly hypnotized Antonello. „I regret what had happenend..." „Fine!!!, He regrets! Have you heard? he regrets!", Antonello’s voice was hysteric. „Quiet, friend!", the dragon’s voice was smooth and calm, nevertheless it made Antonello to shut his mouth. „This man here has come to help you. To help us." „To help us? Really funny!" „Yes, I came to help you", René moaned, rubbed his chin and stood up slowly. „You, bastard? Yes, indeed, you have helped us. Look around. Thank you very much", Antonello’s voice was full of hate and bitterness. „Would you be so kind and let me try to explain?" René tried his best to stay calm. „Besides, it’s for your sake if you listen to me as we don’t have much time." „He speaks the truth", the dragon said to Antonello. His intentions are pure, I can read it in his heart." „Ah, I see, as pure as he came for the first time doing that interview. A new story, that’s all which intrests him!" Antonello was stubborn. „No!" René exclaimed. I am interested in the dragon." „Well, then. Slay him and take its head as trophy!" „You fool! Don’t you see? I want to save the dragon’s life...and your ass as well." 


Antonello took another drink and continued to read the article about Blaestorm. „You see, that’s all. I haven’t written any single word about the dragon to be a monster. I only wrote about dragons in general and that you probably house a dragon. And that this dragon probably has caused the aircrash", René said after Antonello passed him the newspaper back. „It was enough to bring all these people to me. And now, they do not only fear me, but now they will hate me. You never should have written that article." „I know. And I regret it, but now it is too late." After a short pause, René continued. „Even if you don’t believe me. I do love dragons. Since I was a child, I have been dreaming of dragons. What would I have given just for a single glance on such a beautiful creature." „Then, human, look at me", the dragon rumbled friendly and brought himself into a pride pose.
They sat together in the barn. Antonello had prepared a large pot of strong black tea with rum and now they were discussing the situation. 
„My boss sent me into this region. ‘Bring me a story! A good one’, he told me. It should be my chance to prove to be a good journalist. And as I came here and I heard of the crashed aircraft and the rumours of a monter living here...well, you can guess the rest." Antonello nodded and sighed. Slowly, Blazestorm stood up and walked over to René. He thoughtfully looked at the human and then he gently laid a huge paw on the man’s shoulders. René whined a little bit, as the dragon squeezed his shoulder, his talons cutting into his flesh. „This should be a little lesson for you before we are getting friends. For the future: Just first think, before you act", the dragon smiled at René. The journalist nodded and looked at Antonello. „You both must leave here as soon as possible. They certainly will come back very soon and there will be the army this time." „But, where should we go? They will find us everywhere and they will hunt us down. And then? I can’t leave. What about my farm?" „But you must leave. Don’t worry about your farm. There will be a solution. You must leave, now." „And what do you propose? Where should I go with the dragon?" „Back, where the dragon came from." The silence in the room after those words were said was incredible. „Back? What do you mean?"Antonello asked frowning. „Back in my time", the dragon said. Antonello looked at the dragon. „You want to go, right?" Blazestorm didn’t answer the question, he just looked back at Antonello. „I see", Antonello sighed. „I should have guessed it. But how should we get you back into your time?" Antonello was close to burst into tears. He always was afraid of the moment when Blazestorm would tell him that he want to go back into his world, back into the Middle Ages. He expected it one day, but not now, not in this situation. The dragon really intended to leave Antonello with all this mess here alone. Blazestorm gently nosed his human friend. „Not ‘me’, friend Antonello. Us." Antonello swallowed. „You mean, you mean, I should come with you?" The dragon nodded. „Hey, you two, as much as I dislike to disturb you, we have got some serious things to discuss", Antonello interrupted. „You see, Mr. Varini, we have got a little problem." „Which one?" „Well, the problem is, we neither don’t know how the dragon came into our dimension nor we know how to bring you back."
Antonello sighed, „of course, I have forgotten, sorry. What now?" „Now?" René grinned without humour. „Now it is up to me to find any solution. I must do that anyways, because my boss wants me to write a sequel to my article, explaining how the dragon come to Switzerland. I will do the researches. But that will take time. Much time, and we don’t have enough time, I am afraid to say." „And, what should Blazestorm and I do? Waiting until some soldiers will arrive and slay the dragon?" „As I said, Mr. Varini. You and the dragon must leave right now. I know a safe place, about 200 km away from here. My wife owns a nice chateau near Lake Constance. You will stay there until I call you." René passed Antonello a mobile telephone. „Here, my number; if there’s an emergency, then call me up. And here, the keys of my car. You better take mine as they certainly will close the roads right now watching out for your car."
René described the way and pointed at Blazestorm. „Will you be able to find it? You will to have fly far above the clouds." The dragon nodded, nosed the journalist and kissed his human friend goodbye. „Well then", he sighed, „I will see you, friend Antonello. And to you", he pointed at René „thank you, we will expect you there."


„Heureka!",René exclaimed. He had spent several days in various libraries and archives in Geneva and Zurich, but only in Munich, Germany, he found what he was looking for: A rational explanation for the appearance of the dragon. What he needed now, was a proof for the theory.
Again, he read the headline of a German newspaper from May 1995: „ICE (Intercity Express) 776 Munich – Ascona disappeared in Swiss Alps". When he found the article first, he was quite puzzled: Although Ascona is a Swiss town, although the train disappeared in Switzerland, no Swiss media ever reported that event. Of course, there were rumours about strange things to happen in a tunnel through Mount Gridone, but he never knew that actually whole trains disappeared in the mountain. But this very Mount Gridone was mentioned as exactly that location where the train 776 got lost. Even worse, that article also was about two other trains which disappeared on this route to Ascona. To top this, there was also that ICE they actually found in the mountain – in a very strange and horrible state: All passengers were dead, but not because of any mechanical forces. There was no fire which destroyed the train and killed the people, or any form of a crash. The people died of high age, indeed, the corpses all were mummyfied and the train itself looked like it had stood in the mountain for centuries: rusty and rotted.
Something terrible and far beyond any imagination. Something so terrific and scaring that the Swiss government had decided to keep the population uninformed. The name of a scientist who investigated those events in Mount Gridone was mentioned at the end of the article. Dr. Knunbauer from Berlin university, an authority in the fields physics and also metaphysics – and paranormal activities.
One thing was for sure, if René wanted to help Antonello and the dragon and if he wanted also to have scientifically founded story for his second dragon-related aricle, he had to talk to Dr. Knunbauer...


„My husband just has called me up, Mr. Varini. He sounded quite euphoric, anyways, he will return tomorrow afternoon", Claudine Perrier informed Antonello. Antonello nodded. „Fine", Mrs. Perrier. „I just started to wonder how long it would take them to discover Blazestorm and me. I mean, to stay undiscovered for nearly two weeks now if the whole Swiss army and police is looking for a dragon, that’s a miracle." „Oh, I am sure, they would never find out where you are", Claudine smiled. Indeed, the chateau, actually a little castle, was so remote that barely someone came to it. And noone ever guessed that a dragon would have found shelter in someone’s house.
Fortunatly, René’s wife had had no objections to her husband’s idea to hide Antonello and the dragon in the chateau which they used usually only during the holiday season. Indeed, Claudine was very curious to see a real dragon. „But I think, above all Jacqueline will be sad if you two leave us again. She and the dragon seem to be inseparable siblings", Claudine said. Antonello watched Blazestorm and Jacqueline gently wrestling together. It was very interesting to watch how that 10 year old girl reacted at the dragon’s presence. Unlike so many other people, she regarded Blazestorm not as a monster but as a large animal which could be her new playmate. Blazestorm in return considered her as a hatchling he had to care for and to protect. So they became close friends very soon and Antonello and also Claudine enjoyed to watch Jacqueline and Blazestorm playing and romping. Both adults were impressed and fascinated, how carefully and gently the huge dragon acted with the child. Blazestorm even tolerated to be used as Jacqueline’s mount and the only time he rumbled was, when she started to dance on his back. 
„I will miss him as well", Antonello sighed. Claudine raised an eyebrow. „I have thought, you will join him?" „To follow him in his own dimension? No, Mrs. Perrier. I have thought about it during all the time now. I can’t. I can’t give up my life here. I am a man of the 20th and 21st century. Besides, what should I do in the Middle Ages? No, I better stay here with my animals." „But you will get arrested?" „Alright, they will arrest me. But what should happen to me? If they do not find any dragon, they can’t accuse me of any crime." „Well, you have forgotten the dead cops." „That was an accident." Jacqueline didn’t discuss it any further; after all, it was Antonello’s life, it was his decision. „Or the dragon’s decision", she muttered under her breath again watching Blazestorm who now held the girl between his forepaws, gently licking her face. 


„Well, and that’s what had happened to the ICEs when they enterd the tunnel. Dr. Knunbauer calls it „The Gate", but Albert Einstein had discovered that phenomenon and called it „The shifted space–time–continuum." „But I still don’t see how this knowledge should help us with our problem", Antonello replied. René, his wife, Antonello and Blazestorm sat together in the very large livingroom (in contrast to Antonello’s house, the chateau offered enough space even for the dragon). René had opened one of his best bottles of wine and now they discussed the things which René learned during his researches in Munich and Berlin. „But it is quite simple: The trains didn’t really disappear. They only got into another time. The same force, which brought Blazestorm into our time, brought the trains into another time." „Well, the ICEs disappeared a couple of years ago, but Blazestorm arrived some months ago. And it was a different place." „Friend Antonello, René tries to tell you that the same sort of spell who brought me into your world, brought those...trains into another world", the dragon said softly. Blazestorm was quite interested in the words of René. Besides, somehow he really started to like this guy. Antonello still wasn’t convinced. „Well, but we can’t be sure that it happened really that way. It is only specualtion. There disappeared several trains and never were seen again. How can you be sure they are now standing somewhere in another time or space? Particulary in the Middle Ages?" „Well, actually, those trains not necessairily have to be brought into the Middle Ages", René answered. „Dr. Knunbauer states that it is also possible that they are somewhere in the future now  - or in a different solar system. The only explanation for this phenomenon is Einstein’s theory." But we don’t have any proof for this!" Antonello exclaimed. „You have forgotten the train they found. The train and its passengers which grew old within instants", Claudine interjected. „Correct. Indeed, that’s the only acceptable proof for the theory. Our task now is to find such a „gate" and to get you two through it. The rest will be up to you." „But where could we find such a gate?" „I don’t know", René admitted. „Dr. Knunbauer was the opinion that these shifted space-time-continuums are quite lasting. Our only hope is that the portal which brought our large friend to us is still open." „That doesn’t sound very encouraging, does it?", Antonello complained. „Ssshhhh, my friend, you will see, all will turn out fine for us. Don’t be always so negative, friend Antonello." The dragon gently nudged his human friend. Then Blazestorm lifted his head and nodded first to Claudine and then to her husband: „My friend and I are very grateful for what you have done for us. Especially I will owe you forever." „Dragon, please wait with being grateful until you are actually back in the Middle Ages. There are still many problems to face", René answered. „Nevertheless, I am convinced all will turn out fine." Underlining his point of view, his tail hit the floor. „Can I come with you, Blazy?" sobbed the little girl. Unnoticed by the adults, Jacqueline had entered the room. „Darling! You should be asleep!", Claudine got up. „Please wait, Lady Perrier", Blazestorm interjected. The dragon looked lovingly at the girl. „Come to me, little sister", Blazestorm rumbled softly. When Jacqueline came within reach, he grapped her very carefully and lifted her up. „Now, now, my little one. You need not to cry. You see, I will never leave you. You will be always in my heart and as long as you do believe in us dragons, I will be always on your side. Do you really believe that I will leave you alone, my darling?" Blazestorm gently licked her face. „Finally, you are my Queen, have you forgotten? And now, Your Majesty, you ought to go to rest." Blazestorm took a look at Jacqueline’s mother and as she nodded her approval, he left the room, holding the girl in his huge paws. „What about a little Good Night story or a lullaby, my little Queen? I know a very beautiful one my father used to sing for me and my siblings." The dragon brought the girl into her room and the last thing the adults in the livingroom heard was Jacqueline’s answer: „Both! First the story and then the lullaby." 
After about an hour the dragon returned. „Now, she’s really asleep", he grinned. „Fine", René said simply. „Back to our business. We don’t have much time. Dragon, do you remeber where you arrived into our dimension?" René passed him a large map of the region of Lake Geneva. Blazestorm growled softly: „Human, I do remeber the place but I can’t show it to you on this piece of paper. We dragons do not need maps for our orientation." „But where should we look for the gate, if you are not able to show me the place on a map?", René asked impatiently. „Well, you only need to follow me. You have proven once your ability to follow a flying dragon while you are driving your car", Blazestorm replied. „Relax, friends. If this is going to be the only problem we have to face, then we do have nothing to worry about. I remember the place where I met him for the first time. It can’t be too far away from the place where the aircraft exploded", Antonello said. „But don’t you think that there will be soldiers around the place where the aircraft crashed? I mean, if I was to search for the dragon, I would bring my people to all the places which are probably somehow familar to the dragon." „Your wife is right", Blazestorm nodded. „Humans will certainly be there, waiting for me to come. These damn so called knights. Dragonslayers, that’s what they are in reality." „Soldiers", Antonello corrected. „We don’t have knights anymore. We call them soldiers." „No matter how they are called", René interjected. „They are another good reason to stop losing further time. We should leave right now." „Yes, darling, I think as well that you should leave now. Besides, I think it will be better for Jacqueline if she doesn’t see the dragon leave. It will be easier for her if she wakes up tomorrow and the dragon is gone." „You could go with her to the circus tomorrow. She told me several times that she would like to see the clowns and the elephants." „Thank you, Lord Blazestorm. That’s a good idea indeed and it will help her to come over it." Blazestorm growled gently and lowered his head. Showing a toothy grin, he rumbled softly: „Lady Perrier, how often did I say to you and your husband to stop calling me Lord? We are friends, please don’t forget that when I am gone." „How will I ever be able to forget?" Claudine said and turned away, hiding her upcoming tears.
„Well then", Antonello sighed. „Now, I guess, it is time to say Good-bye".


It was about three hours before dawn, as a group of men slowly marched through the forest. „Damn fucking rain! Just rain, rain, rain. For weeks! Commander, do you really think somebody is so foolish and will leave his home tonight?" „Soldier! Shut up! Otherwise you will end up cleaning the restrooms at the barracks during the next four weekends." The commander turned to the other soldiers: „Soldiers, this is the road, where our target encountered the dragon for the first time. That road leads towards Lake Geneva and to Varini’s farm on the other end. For three kilometers round they have found pieces of the wrecked aircraft. That means, the spot, where the dragon stepped into our time dimension, must be located in this area." The commander took a step forward and started to explain: „The dragon somehow managed to enter our dimension and the first thing it encountered was that areoplane. The dragon behaved like any animal else and considered the aircraft as either a danger for its own life, as prey or as a mating rival. Anyhow, the dragon starts to defend its territory and attacks the intruder. It realizes that its victim is not anything it has ever seen before in its life and starts to panic. The beast runs amock and finally it encounters Mr. Varini. It is a miracle that our man survived the first encounter and it is even more a miracle the man befriended that beast and brought it to his farm where it has been living like a domestic animal, undiscovered for weeks. The people down in the valley consider Mr. Varini either a magician or Satan, like the dragon. That’s rubbish. But I will find out how Varini managed to keep the dragon..." After a pause, he continued: „Folks! Mind you! No matter what is going to happen. The dragon must be caught alive. Varini should be caught alive as well, as he can provide us with useful information about the beast. And now: Extend and look for the gate!"

The soldiers obeyed without any further question. They were instructed quite well for their mission and indeed, they were not unexperienced.
Some years ago, it was exactley that team, commanded by commander Beck, who examined the incidents around and in Mount Gridone. Together with the German scientist Dr. Knunbauer they discovered the proof of Albert Einstein’s theory of the „The shifted space-time-continuum", a gate into another dimension of time or space. But the gate was not their only discovery. The truth behind the lost trains was much more fantastic and terrific than anyone guessed. Even the American CIA and also the FBI were interested in their revelations. The events concerning Mount Gridone soon became known as the "Druidentor-File" [Druidentor = gate of the druids].

Now it seemed to be the right time to write another chapter of the so called "Druidentor-File": Not about aliens like the public always imagines, some green or grey humanoids from a far off galaxy, but about aliens which are so familar and known to the humans as if they have lived always among them. About creatures, humans know from legends and mythology: About angels, griffins, unicorns and...dragons. About magical powers and witchcraft.


"Stop! That’s the exact place. I remember the view of these three mountainpics These are the mountains were I once buried my beloved Starbolt. Here I also met that strange creature you call aircraft." The trio, two man and a dragon, arrived nearly at the same time.

It was René's idea to provide the dragon with a little sender so they could stay in touch with Blazestorm while he was flying far above the clouds. 
After the dragon had checked the area around Antonello's farm, René and Antonello drove to the farm where Blazestorm waited for them. "I sniff the smell of foreign humans", he had growled, "but they were gone now. The farm is abandonned except for the animals." Antonello went into the barn to look after his animals and was relieved to see someone had taken care for them. "It was my sister. I asked her to feed the animals and to clear the barns. She loves farming, you see", René explained. "Isn't it strange?", Antonello wondered, "I have expected at least some policemen as guards." "Yeah. We must be very careful. I think, they provided a trap for us", René agreed. The dragon puffed out a little curl of smoke as he always did when he was nervous. He growled: „Well, they are not here, but I can feel their presence. I think, they will be waiting for us somewhere near the place where we are going to go." „Anyhow, we do not have any other choice. We must find the gate for bringing you back", René said. Together they walked down the street to the place where Antonello once stopped his car when he faced a strange creature blocking the road. Blazestorm sniffed the air: „Humans. They have been here not too long ago. Indeed, we must be careful." „Dragon, now it is up to you, leap into the air and try to find the place where you have attacked the aircraft. When you find it, inform us with the sender and guide us; we will look for a path through the forest", René instructed Blazestorm.

„And now?", Antonello asked. „Now, we must look for the gate", René answered. „Unfortunatly, I don’t have any idea how it looks like, if it is something shimmering or like a hole in the air or anything else. Do you have any idea, dragon?" Blazestorm didn’t answer. His muzzle held up high in the air, he stared into the darkness. „Blazestorm?" The dragon didn’t react, but Antonello was able to see the dragonbody shiver. „Blazestorm, dear friend? What’s the matter?" Finally, the dragon looked at his human friends. „I am not sure. I do feel something...strange. And it is not only the presence of foreign humans." The dragon took a step forward, still sniffing the air. Very slowly he lifted his forepaw and jerked like someone who had touched an elctrical fence surrounding a pasture. Carefully, Antonello and René approached. "What happened?" "There's something, I can't tell you what. It feels so strange on my sensitive scales. I can't describe it", the dragon lifted his paw again. "Have you ever felt that feeling before?" René sounded very excited. Was it the gate they were looking for? Somehow, it was just too easy. The dragon made a movement which looked like a head shaking: "No, I regret, friend René. I do not remember that sensation."
Antonello discovered it first: Where the dragon's paw rested in the air, there was a little spot, barely visible, blacker than the rainy night and about the size of a pin. The spot pulsated. "Blazestorm, please let me try." The dragon drew his paw away and Antonello carefully placed a fingertip on the pulsating spot. He felt a tickling like thousands of ants crawling up his arm and in his mouth he suddenly had a metallic taste. His hairs erected a little bit as the air was now filled with static electricity. "René, try this for yourself", Antonello whispered.
"Do you have any explanation for that?" Antonello asked, watching René's hair erecting as well. René took a step back. "Hmmm, really, I am not sure. There's an energetic field, a quite strong one. I am really not sure, but after Dr. Knunbauer's description it can be the gate we are looking for." "But, it is a little bit small for a gate, isn't it?" Antonello looked very sceptical. "I think, the size doesn't matter, watch!" René brought his finger back to that spot and gently pressed the fingertip against it. There was a crackling sound and several blue and white sparks made René jumping back. The sparks faded away, but the spot seemed to have grown a little bit. René made a second attempt, this time pressing two fingertips against the spot. Again it crackled, a few more sparks and suddenly René felt his fingers entering into the hole. It felt as if he was pushing through jelly. With a scream he withdrew and panted. "Oh God! It is the gate! Now I see, how those trains disappeared in Mount Gridone: There were those spots in the tunnel, one of them would have been enough. As the first train passed the tunnel with high speed, nothing happened. But pushing through the...hmmm... spot, it made it growing larger. Also the next train was able to pass, but finally, the spot became too large and the next train...hmmm...fell into the black hole and got lost somewhere in time or space." "But what about the train and the people, they have found?", Antonello asked. René shrugged. "I really don't know. Perhaps the train pushed through the gate, arrived somewhere in the past and there was another spot, just exactly at the very point where the train arrived, which brought the train back into our time. But the second spot probably could have brought the train anywhere else as well." 
Suddenly the dragon started to growl. "I sense humans apporaching", Blazestorm warned. "Well, I guess, we should hurry up to bring Blazestorm and you through the gate." René brought his hand back to the spot. "I will open it for you. I think, now it is time for the farewell..." "Wait a minute! After what you have just said, René, how will we be able to close the gate behind Blazestorm again?", Antonello interrupted. "I don't know, but I will find a solution...Hey, what have you said? I thought, you and Blazestorm will be going together?" Also the dragon's hand swung back to his human friend. Blazestorm narrowed his eyes and looked at him: "That I thought as well, friend Antonello." Antonello swallowed hard and tears appeared in his eyes. "I am so sorry, friend Blazestorm. I really do love you and I will miss you, but I can't come with you. As I said to Claudine some days ago, I am a man of the 20th century. Besides, what about my farm?" "Without you, I won't go, either", the dragon rumbled. "What should I do alone, without any friend?" "Hey! Friends, I don't think, we have enough time to discuss it. You must leave now, they will soon arrive to stop us. Antonello, concerning your farm, my sister will love to run it, don't worry. And now, push through the spot, first the dragon." "I won't leave you back here, Antonello. I know how much you have suffered among your kind although there are exceptions like René!" Blazestorm was stubborn. "You danm stupid beast! You don't need me in your world where you belong to. You will find another dragoness and you will have a family. I will stay lonely even if I live among you dragons. Go!" Antonello shouted. "Sssshhh! Quite, you fools. Do you really want to guide them to us? Either you leave now or they will catch you. Blazestorm, grab our friend and take him with you. Hurry!" Renè urged and with both hands he started to stretch and to widen the gate, that air was filled with sparks now. "But...", Antonello objected.
Noone should ever get to know what he was going to say.

Suddenly, the place was lit by a strong light and a group of soldiers appeared out of the dark, aiming with their weapons at Antonello and René. Two men pointed with a huge, strange formed device at the dragon.  „Anyone moves!", the commander shouted. Underlining his command, he shot in the air. „And you, dragon, if you dare only to twitch the tip of your tail, your human friends will die! It is only you, we want." „Run, Blazestorm, run!" Antonello wasn’t sure if he was the one who shouted those words or René. He rembered the situation lots of weeks ago – God, it seemed like an eternity. Then the soldiers were unprepared and stunned by the dragon’s presence. But this time, they expected the dragon, this time, they were prepared. Before Antonello was able to move, two soldiers bounced at him and held him tight. „Blazestorm! Take care! Leave, don’t care for us..."René didn’t finish the sentence as a strange sound filled the air and nearly at the same instance the dragon’s terrible roaring became a muffled whimpering. One of the men had fired a shot from the strange device and now the dragon was caught in a sort of a net. „Don’t bother to destroy the net, dragon. Even a dragon can’t destroy it and also your fire won’t get through its meshs. It is dragonproved. Our American comrades at Area51 are very experienced, you see?" The commander smiled. „Beck!" René exclaimed. I should have known that. What do you want with the dragon?" Antonello only saw the commander approaching René. „Can’t you figure out? A beast which has never existed except in the minds of some storytellers, came to earth. What a wonderful treasure for the science." „And you, Mr. Varini, will tell me everything about your first encounter with the dragon. Where did it come from?" Antonello shook his head. „No, I won’t tell you anything." „Wrong answer!", commander Beck said and one of the soldiers brutally rammed the gun’s butt into Antonello’s stomach. „First, you will start to answer my questions with ‘Yes, Sir’ and second-...", another butthit into Antonello’s chest „...-you will answer my questions." 
„Beck! I will tell the people what kind of pig you are. How you manhandle innocent people. Did you examine the events at Mount Gridone using similar methods?", René interjected. „I know you, commander Beck! You discovered those gates to another dimension. You tried all to keep them secret. You have recognized the danger of those spots. But the population was not informed. And now the spots are spreading everywhere! Oh, yes! I know it all. I have talked to Dr. Knunbauer. I know about the trains!" „Oh, really?", the commander smiled. „Than you probably also can guess, why we kept our discovery secret. We wanted to avoid that fools like you open the gates. Can you imagine, what can happen? Here", the commander pointed at the dragon which raged in the net without any chance of getting free, „the dragon. It stepped through this door into our dimension. Can you imagine what is able to happen further? Today a dragon gets into our world? And tomorrow? A new Godzilla? You fool! Do you really believe that we will risk such a thing to happen? The spots are only here in this region. We will be able to keep them under control. I assure you, anything will ever again enter our dimension. And the only being which was able to step through the portal, well, it will soon be a legend as it has always been before." Antonello tried to escape of the iron grasp of the soldiers still holding him. Still numb by the pain the hits had caused, he barely was able to follow the dispute between the commander and René. He looked over to the dragon and the view made him sick. His beautiful, powerful friend helpless caught in a net made of a material Antonello never had seen before. „No! This time, the public will learn about the truth of the trains disappearing. They will read about the possibility of entering another dimension." René shouted. Beck stayed calm and still smiled. „I don’t think so, Mr. Perrier." „Noooo!!! René!!!!" Antonello’s scream echoed through the night at the same moment as René’s lifeless body fell backwards to the floor. Commander Beck put his pistol back into the halter. „Now, back to our converstion, friend." The loss of René and also the view of the captured dragon gave Antonello new strength. Somehow he managed to take his guards by surprise and with an amazing nimble movement towards the dragon, he tried to help his friend. But as soon as he wanted to lift an edge of the net, several bullets hit his shoulder, his legs and also his belly. Antonello screamed in pain and collapsed. The dragon roard in rage and in pain. „Stop! You fools! I need him living!". Commander Beck examined Antonello’s body. „He’s still alive. You!", he pointed at one soldier close to him, „You call the ambulance. You two will stay with him as guards. And you four, you will narcotize the dragon and bring it to the airport. Our friends in the USA will be happy about our little souvenir from Switzerland. 
The soldiers came closer to the dragon which suddenly had stopped to rage. „Antonello. My beloved friend Antonello, I have loved you and I will always love you. You will be in my heart forever", the dragon started to weep. „I have told you, my friend. Without you, I won’t return into my dimension. I will stay with you, forever." The dragon closed his eyes and didn’t care the large injections the soldiers pumped into his body. 


There were voices around him and a strange light. He was not able to open his eyes, but somehow Antonello realized where he was. Two soldiers as guards were sitting at his side as the ambulance was on its way to the military hospital on the outskirts of Geneva. „What will they do with the dragon?", one of the soldiers asked. „I don’t know. It is said they will bring it into the USA. There’s a laboratory at Area51." „A laboratory? But why?" „Hey, man, are you really so stupid? They will do some experiments with it, I guess." „Of course, they will. But I only wonder, why?". „Hey, don’t ask so much, alright? Anyway, it is not our business." „It is only...it was such a beautiful creature. Have you seen its face? It was not the face of a beast. It was the face of a sentient being." „Hey, what’s the matter, bud? It's just a dragon." „How long, do you think, will it survive?" „I really don’t know. And it doesn’t interest me much. I think, probably five days. They will be very carefull with it, you see. They will do everything not to kill him too soon. Maybe it will survive the experiments also for six days? Who knows?" „Five days of torment. How cruel!" „Honestly, I don’t understand you. It is only a dragon, a monster. A thing that never existed and never will exist again. Only a dragon", the soldier laughed and Antonello was surrounded by a merciful darkness...