Dieses Gedicht wurde von den Drachental-Besuchern
zum zweitbesten Fantasy-Gedicht 2005 im Drachental gewählt!

On Dragon's Wing von Adrian Wood

Above the clouds on dragonís wing
Wind thrashes flesh with fiíry sting
And space fills with a trepid ring:
The heavens burn for hellís keen king

Red blinds a blemished realm of ash
Possesséd tail doth whip and thrash
As jagged claws the white fogs hash
With mighty rage old rivals clash

Thick roils of flame lick at the air
Through noxious bursts of light I stare
Acidic swirls at blurred eyes tear
The heated stench too much to bear

Coiled garnet spires cleave duskís bed
Through cosmic starry voids Iím led
In such repose the rage is fed
The florid winds; the creatureís bread

Though furled wings beat with tepid slack
My hands clutch tight the roughened back
Sleek graying mists roll back the black
Fine trails of burnt air mark our track

Aloft, sideways the beastís head cranes
Its neck entwined with bulging veins
Flared nostrils jerk with biting pains
Eyes oyster pools with murdírous stains

Moon glows on scales of wretchéd blight
Bright bloody hue surrounds this kite
A crimson arrowís twisted flight
The skies bow down to dragonís might

© Adrian Wood
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