Dieses Gedicht wurde von den Drachental-Besuchern
zum zweitbesten Fantasy-Gedicht 2002 im Drachental gewählt!

The One vom Dragonslayer
When the time of light went by
Darkness was filing up the sky.
And from the fourth, the evil sphere,
was coming an almighty fear.
It was the one of evil seed,
bless on us, we're going to bleed.
Shaking his head thirteen times horned,
no one could stop him, we're getting torned.
But there was the one, the sword of swords,
on him lay all our desperate hopes.
He held the sword called sevenstrike.
And faced the one in an eternal fight.
But right before the devils death
He took a last and evil breath.
The breath was deadly an very cold
And so the land was onwards called.
And somewhere there in the eternal ice
Still lies the battle's holy price.
Oh let the gods be greedy to you 
and holy sevenstrike will come to you.
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