The Return von Dragonsoul Lianth
Faithfully I have chosen this endless ways.
Walk them slowly and lonesome since days.
But from the grey heaven falls constantly rain.
It gives me the thinking all has been in vain.
In this barren land stands only a grave of stone:
A dilapidated ruin, an old castles´ skeleton.

I do not know where I could be.
On worlds´ end it seems to me.

Under an wall – out of my hand - falls it down
The crown of the true king, the one and only.
The grey and endless rain falls on the crown.
And the wet coldness overcomes also me.

A silent move in the dark shades
Wakes me up, let me hesitate.

a tall man - 
steel blue eyes -
a sword at his side -
with great strength -
his gloomy pride -
i have to rise!

The sword I see…
Could it really be?

In front of me he stands.
I am falling on my knees.
The golden crown in his hands.
The king of the kings I see!

the sword -
he holds -
on his head -
the crown of gold -
in my heart -
two words -
King Arthur!

The golden sun raises
Sends away all black.
I laugh with tears in my eyes:

© Dragonsoul Lianth
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