A New Beginning von Dragonsoul Lianth
King Arthur is back!

Do you feel the magic of these words?
Not only a sentence, itís a new feeling.
A new beginning for our hopeless world.
In front of our new hope Iím kneeling.

"King, where is Camelot?
King, where is Lancelot?
King, where is Merlin?
King, say it to me
When will I see
Them again?"

But Arthur only smiles on me.
A smile on his mouth and
 sadness in his eyes.
"You want to see
my gloomy land?"
I hesitate before I rise.

"Iíve none.
Itís all gone."
Into heaven he smiles:
"Camelot forever lies
In the shades of times,
 lives only in the old rhymes."

My heart becomes stone.
What shall now become
All my dreams of an endless sun?
All my hope on his gloomy kingdom?

"Look at me!"
I hear his words and
Look in his blue eyes.
"Gone is my past land,
But an new one will rise!
Believe it to me!

Camelot will return again.
Merlin will stand at my side.
A new castle made of pride
Will defeat mankindís bloody rain.

Come with me, 
Swear the old Code.
And you will see
No more fog."

"My only king! My Lord!
I will follow you to hell!
Also my soul I would sell
To follow your holy word!"

When Camelot is rebuilt
The evil will be killed.
The bards will be singing
Of a new beginning!

Camelot will come back!

© Dragonsoul Lianth
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