Hymn of House Shen‘raé von Rhian Shen‘raé
We want to bring freedom to our sacred lands
To fight for our right,  our House and home
Fire fought and banished by Innoruuks hands
We run into the maze of a political storm

Fight forever in eternal Rage
Children of flames, pray for the fallen ones

Fly over the sea of flames, over river of our tears
We ride with courage where darkness rise
Our destiny lies where mortal man darkness fears
We stand against the destruction of Hate, with our life

Fight forever in eternal Rage
Scions of Solusek, guardians of the eternal Fire

We stand strong and fast, until the end of time
On the back of our fury, with anger we ride
Fight for the fallen, may their rest be sweet as wine
Do not fear, we stand together side by side

Fight forever in eternal Rage
Flaming brothers and sisters, we are all one

Shadows in the valleys, where all the spirits call
We may loose our battle but not our pride
From far away there is a whisper "The Prince of Hate will fall!"
Against the underdark we shall ride

Light comes and goes, but the House Shen’raé stands forever fast
As long the flame of our pride burns, we will never be slain
Glory to our House, with courage we will fight, while Ro the shadows cast

Und hier seht Ihr das Wappen/Emblem des Hauses Shen‘raé
(bitte auf das Bild klicken, um es größer zu sehen)

© Rhian Shen‘raé
Zum Haus Shen‘raé wird es demnächst auch eine Story geben.