Hero von Shonen X

Scales and claws reflect the moon
He knows - it`s coming soon
Eyes so deep, a sea of gold
See their last night, so empty, so cold

A last time he spreads his wings
A last time, he thinks about a lot of things
A last  time he`s flying in the sky
A last time, so high so high so high ...

A last tear runs over dieing flesh
A last goal, he has to reach
A last scream resounds trough the night
A last Battle he has to fight

Against his fear to die
He has no answer for the why
But he knows his time is now
He stops his flight - He`s sinking low

On a field he´s laying
Feels his  old bones aching
Feels the old scares and its pain
But now he has lost the lifes cold chain

His peace he has found
He listen to his heartbeats sound
It´s getting lower lower lower....
And then he closed his eyes - forever

© Shonen X
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