The Dance of the Dead von Dragonstarlight

Night time. Midnight.
The graveyard is empty.
But there! Can you see this?
The dead wake up
And walk around!
A wolf I see
Behind the stone.
He's big and grey.
A werewolf I think.
There come more of them.
Zombies, vampires.
They're all here!
They start a dance
I do not know.
Is this the dance of dead.
It must be!
Now the shadows behind the trees
Join the dancing lot
They have fun!
They are happy!
Now the newbies in the middle
Are doing something strange.
But now! They have seen me.
They wave at me.
Should I join?
I walk towards them.
And dance with them.
But then the clock strikes one
They vanish, I'm alone!
Now I know the fate of the dead.
I was one of them but I'm alive.