The Spirit of Horus von Ute Gebhard

I've seen some spirits here in men's disguise
- appeared so very young, and were so old
and they were wise ...

Sometimes their memory had betrayed them and
they didn't feel their own ... command
Sometimes they had forgotten their own power and
were searching for some wisdom with the brains
and couldn't listen to their voice of 
heart that was in vain

But I could feel the magic in their veins
and I could feel their magic in their every cell
and I will tell
of one of them ...

Of streams of energy, that floated through the night 
and made the fire burning
of words of wisdom spoken from young lips,
of tenderness
and of heartbreaking ... tears

When calls rang out at night and answer came
from owl and fox and air,
when lifted hand would bid
a wild bird bird from the sky just with a word and will of heart,
when eyes of green
in sunset-light would turn to amber like the eyes
of hawk ....

So shy and cautious he appeared ... sometimes
and even felt and seemed so queer
I watched him, talked to him and felt
that in my hand 
I didn't hold another hand, but - what?
I couldn't tell ...

But even then I knew that
the disguise was thin at times
and asked myself:
Who in all worlds is that?
A man - it can't be man, it is no man,
but what's it then?

I sat and watched
I sat and listened
and when we walked he talked
most of all times
and I just tried to feel
what layed behind his words and in between
it felt so kind unreal

And when I tried to touch
a skin so very smooth and warm to my own hand
I felt the shiver run through our veins and in our blood
And then I knew

And then I silently did call him by the name
and made him mine
three times three times three times
and he was mine

But oh! - you know
the magic works both ways
And I was spellbound just like him
and nothing was between the heartbeat of our souls
So I was his
and lost myself in something I don't know
A bliss?
A curse?

When closely watching just his face
sometimes the shape would blur
and turn
and turn into a thing
and turn and change
and blur ...
and loosing contures, floating, streaming
but no new image would create itself, not yet - 
I'm waiting still for that

Then I will know
who called
and who was heared

And call was answered by the break of dawn
and I was young again
and innocent
and all I've ever known
forgotten was
and would be rediscovered once again
in a new shape

So I will sing
and I will tell
about the turning of the tide
and that the hope still lives on earth
because the spirits walk sometimes
upon two legs
among us ...

© Ute Gebhard
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