Diese Geschichte wurde von den Drachental-Besuchern zur
zweitbesten englischen Fantasy-Story 2002 im Drachental gewählt!

The ancient legend von Chaldaran Zakath

She is in the kitchen, cooking this delicious cake as someone knocks at the door of her apartment. She switches off the television in the livingroom, wondering who might visit her at that time. A look at her watch tells her that it is 11:30 P.M. 
As she opens the door she is really paralysed, stumbling backwards onto a chair. 
There is a man, strange, somehow... horrifying.

"I know quite well you don´t remember me. I know you will never believe me either.
But these things I´m going to tell you now are really true, as true as you are sitting there, staring at me, a stranger in your eyes whom you´ll never trust.
I want to tell you a story. It is an old legend of ancient times, long ago. There in the century of the dark between war and pain, between hunger and danger a child was born. It was a beautiful child with bright fair hair and wonderful black eyes. Her skin was dark, much darker than the others´ and everyone looked on her with a satisfied glance on the face. Her parents were poor and lived in a small hut down by the river in the forest. But in less to no time rumour spread in the land and Lords and Ladies came to see this beautiful child. One of them, a rich Lord named Kar de Guarla was frequently visiting her. Though he was horrifying in a way no one ever said a word about him.
Year after year they came to see see the little girl. Meanwhile the child grew up to a pretty young woman. Her hair turned to black, darker than her eyes ever had been. 
The time came when she decided to leave home and make her own experience. Her parents didn´t want her to, but they could not afford to provide for her. So she happened to meet the rich Lord, Kar de Guarla on her way. He was a mighty magician and everyone was afraid of him he told her. She felt paralyzed as he stared on her, from her feet up to her wonderful hair. 
"You´re right now. You are a very extraordinary person, that´s why I need you. Come and marry me." He said it with such a cold and paralysing voice that she wasn´t able to say anything . His staring blue eyes held her tight and she felt forced to say yes. But then a voice interrupted their scene and she was able to free herself from the Lord. Someone was crying for help. 
But as she wanted to follow this voice, the magician caught her arm and smiled at her. It was this cold, horrifying smile.
"If you want to help, my child" he said looking in the direction the voice came from, "you will have to marry me afterwards. Sweare by your life!" She had no chance against the magician´s force and breathless said: "Yes, my Lord." Suddenly free from all fetters she began to run, unable to think about anything. Soon she reached a small hut under a great rock beneath a mighty old oak. Impressed by this enchanting scene she stopped a breathless moment as she heard the voice again. So she entered the hut. 
Inside a man was lying on the ground, bleeding all over. But she banned all her feelings, sat down beside him and began to cure his wounds. And with a single wish, a great desire of her, the man was suddenly healed. She couldn´t believe, but the man stood up and said to her:
"I will grant you a wish, my child. Whatever you want, it will happen."
Frightend by the magician waiting for her, she said without thinking:
"I want to be secure of Kar de Guarla." The man was thinking for a moment.
"He is a very mighty magician, and I'm not quiet sure. He might find you, but I gave you my word." The last thing she saw was a great, bright blue light touching her, playing with her hair, her arms and legs and then made her disappear. 

You think, that is the end of the story? But you don´t know why I told you this legend, do you? What was happened to the young woman? Why do I know about these things?"

He laughs. Then he takes his sword, the glance upon its blade kisses her black eyes and hair.

© Chaldaran Zakath
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